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Spring is just around the corner - THANK GOODNESS!  We are busy prepping for many fairs and other shows this summer.  Our first stop will again be our favorite - Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill in Salisbury, MA - on Saturday June 21st and Sunday June 22nd

We are continuing to build and expand our Etsy site also -

We are excited about our many upcycled lights, furnishings and our new line of industrial decor -  Look for new items being added each week!  We have been busy shipping items all over the country and world.  Please stop by our online shop and check us out!

Stayed tuned for more local fairs coming soon!

Some of our latest sold items to happy customers across the globe :-) -

I am adding a few trunks to the site this week.  Here is a sneak peak.  I discovered them a few weekends back in a little roadside shop in Peru, Maine.  I am going to have to get back there again as it was a great antique shop!

HAPPY SPRING.  I will have lots of new items added to my site soon! 

My most recent adventure didn't take me too far.  I discovered an estate sale in the lovely neighboring town of Duxbury recently.  There I discovered a few interesting pieces, but the one I fell in love with was an early 1900's Stickley Dresser.  Unfortunately someone attempted to refinish this piece of early history.

The piece is stamped on the inside Stickley Brothers, Grand Rapids, MI.  It may not be worth as much as a Gustav piece, but it is old from the early Stickley Years after They moved to Michigan in the early 1900's. 

The estate seller suggested I paint the Stickley.  I thought that might be a good idea only if I can't return it to its original state. 

I started to sand down the sides and top and discovered the beautiful grains underneath.  PAINTING would have destroyed the original beauty of this pieced.  After sanding for a bit I left it with just a little oil on it for now.  I am not sure what finish to use yet, but it is a work in progress! I actually think I like the unfinished primitive looks of it now, but I am not sure yet.  Look for more updates to come :-)

Here is a little history on this line of Stickely from the site - Stickley Brothers Furniture Company - Grand Rapids, Michigan  (1891-1947ca.)

In 1891, Albert Stickley and his youngest brother John George brought the Stickley Brothers name to Grand Rapids, Michigan, which was the center of American furniture-making.  John George eventually moved back East to found L. & J.G. Stickley, while Albert carried on.  Albert successfully transitioned to British-influenced Arts and Crafts furniture, marketed as Quaint during the early 1900s.  Beginning around 1910, Stickley Brothers began to shift production toward Colonial Revival.  Though Albert retired in 1927, the company continued until about 1947.


vintage, antiques